UM Sarcoidosis Program has been recognized by World Association of Sarcoidosis as an Excellent Center. 

Research opportunity

Personalized Medicine

Meet Dr. Sarcoidosis!

 We are proud to announce the launching of individualized medicine in our sarcoidosis program. In collaboration with Dr. Irman Forghani from UM Department of Medical Genetics and Dr. Camila Rodriguez all patients would be tested for pharmacogenetics. 

The 1st UM Sarcoidosis Patient Conference was held in UM on April 07, 2018.

Patient Perspective on sarcoidosis

We put your health and well being first. Our patient-centered Sarcoidosis Program at the University of Miami was founded in the fall of 2015. Our mission is to improve the lives of patients with sarcoidosis in  through exceptional clinical care and translational research.

UM Patient Sarcoidosis conference

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Julissa Alvarez at +1 (305) 2436541

The AMSAR-Bio network is an open collaboration. Anyone with an interest in sarcoidosis can join and take part in Network activities. For more information about joining the network please visit our membership information. Please see our AMSAR-Bio website at  

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The 1st Patient Sarcoidosis Conference was held in UM. Dr. Forghani, Dr. Diana Laura, and Dr. Mirsaeidi discussed different clinical  presentations of sarcoidosis and application of pharmacogenetics in sarcoidosis. 

Afternoon, attendees  discussed  the critical lack of knowledge on sarcoidosis in community 

and  potential ways to improve it. 

A new sarcoidosis patient support group has been formed and will be support south Florida sarcoidosis patients.

​​Latest News!

​Our new Artificial Intelligence tool for patients with sarcoidosis. click here for access.

 UM Sarcoidosis Program recently launched a new App for management of sarcoidosis. Learn more about it in the section of "For Physicians" on this page.