The development of cancer following sarcoidosis has been studied in the past, but, little is known about the development of sarcoidosis following cancer. Investigators proposed an association between cancer and sarcoidosis previously. Investigators suggested that sarcoidosis could be a paraneoplastic disease.

The current project is a comprehensive study of paraneoplastic sarcoidosis disease.

The aim of the study is to find an association between sarcoidosis and cancer and to determine the outcome of sarcoidosis in patients with cancer.

This is a retrospective single-center, observational study for collecting data on patients with sarcoidosis and cancer in UMH and Sylvester Cancer Center. The study initially involves populating sarcoidosis patients seen at UMH and Sylvester Cancer Canter during the study period. This will add our knowledge about the characteristics of this novel paraneoplastic syndrome and its effects on the prognosis of sarcoidosis and cancer. Investigators will also generate relevant hypotheses for future mechanistic studies.

The results of this study will be of interest to physicians, administrative and public health authorities.